Public Art Updates

Art in its purest form is a beautiful medium for communication, expression and interpretation. From the moment the canvas is stretched over the easel, to the first strokes of a painter’s brush, the artist is immersed in a flow state – a trance of passion and dedication to their craft. While the consumers and supporters of art may never fully internalize this process, we can pay respect to artists and show appreciation for the final product. The fruits of their labour and diligence are ours to enjoy. Here in Inglewood, we are hosts to a cornucopia of public art and this month, we wish to take you on a small, virtual tour of sorts.

Simmers Murals

Siblings Kyle and Derek Simmers are no strangers to mural painting in our city. We are privileged in this community to showcase not one, but two of their compositions outside of Social School and Phoenix Comics Respectively. The compositions are imaginative, enticing and indicative of two incredibly talented individuals. While their murals may be found all over downtown, we’re proud of the work they have contributed to Inglewood. (@kyle_simmers@dereksimmers)


Local visual artist Doro has blessed us with a howdy-doody wintertime mural located on the window of Spolumbo’s Sausage. As part of Maud Collectives Northern Reflections exhibit from last winter, the piece was also intended as a multimedia, augmented reality production with help from other local Calgary artists. We’re glad to see this beautiful, interactive public art piece up in the summertime. (


Don’t you just love it when public art is practical and interactive? One would simply not take a stroll through Inglewood without paying a visit to PARK PARK. The two-year pilot project successfully turned a grey, empty lot into a vibrant, colourful art exhibit with a lion’s share of amenities. Thanks to the kind folks at PARK, it features seating, a phone charger, bike pump and a little library. (@ourparkonline)

BUMP Barriers

If you glance upon any wall mural, jersey barrier or painted parklet around the city, there’s a darn good chance the amazing team at Beltline Urban Murals Project (BUMP) was behind it’s existence. BUMP is a small, not-for-profit, visual arts organization in the heart of our city gracing Calgarians with expansive open-air art galleries since 2017. Their mission is to highlight and showcase the immense and diverse artistic talent Calgary has to offer and beyond. With our city as the canvas, BUMP has helped transform Calgary through creative and powerful public imagery. You can find jersey barriers painted by BUMP artists outside of Kane’s (Billie Rae Busby), Brewcade (Strawberry Milk), Dutil (@darkcornerstattoo, and Dirty Duck (@mikehooves), respectively.