Cats in the Cradle

Our Fathers and Father figures in our life are some of the most important pillars of our upbringing. They are the people who took us fishing, taught us how to change a tire and have effortlessly demonstrated how you can grill your way through a Canadian winter. They’re the ones who took time out of their work days to volunteer on school field trips, coach our soccer teams and always found the time to read us to sleep or pass on sagely father advice.

Our Dad’s were wearing new balance shoes and baggy faded jeans before any of us decided it was cool – they were cracking Dad jokes before we even knew what a Dad joke was. We love the Father figures in our life and to show them how much we care we’ve highlighted some fantastic options in Inglewood for you to treat your Dad this Father’s  Day.

Silk Road Spice Merchant
Every grill master knows the secret to exceptional barbecue is a properly seasoned cut of meat. For herbs, spice and everything nice, look to Silk Road Spice Merchant this Father’s Day. If you’ve ever been around Inglewood on a weekend, then surely you’ve noticed a lineup outside their shop’s doors. For a good reason, Silk Road delivers on flavours and a little wait is nothing to be salty about. Treat your Dad to a barbecue rub, some chili seasoning or many of the other herbs and spices Silk Road has in store this Father’s Day.

Nerd Roller Skates
Since when is roller skating for nerds?! No matter, drag your Dad down to Nerd Roller Skates and watch them relive their glory days on a pedestal of quad rollers – you’ll be dominating the Bow pathway in style in no time. Nerd’s Roller Skates also carries a selection of inline skates for those of us looking for a more modern approach to skating. Just remember to wear a helmet.

Circa Art Glass
If you’re really looking to stand out this Father’s Day, pay yourself a visit to Circa Art Glass. The one of a kind glass gallery specializing in mid-century modern European art glass carries a stunning list of pieces in their roster to add elegance and elevate any home office or study. This one is for all the classy Dads out there, or really anyone who wants to add some decor to their living space.

Shoulder to Shoulder 
Whether your Father is a picker, grinner, collector of antiquities or simply appreciates a unique gift, then you absolutely must check out Shoulder to Shoulder Antiques. From vintage toys, military paraphernalia, flags, jewellery and so much more, there is a gift for every Dad at Shoulder to Shoulder. Surprise them with a rare WW2 helmet or some Rock’em Sock’em robots that they can show off to the other Dad’s in the neighbourhood.

Chin Whiskey
Treat your Dad to a hot shave and a haircut at Chin Whiskey this Father’s Day. Their expert team of barbers have the knowledge and passion to give your Dad a stylish new mane. Finish it all off with a soothing hot towel and premium hair/beard products to leave your Dad feeling rejuvenated and looking great. 

Man of Distinction
We know you’ll find this difficult to imagine, but there are some Dads who can use a little help when it comes to the fashion department. Quality men’s consignment stores are far and few and one may not know exactly what to look for while shopping for their Dad. Thankfully, Man of Distinction is here to assist you. Carrying a diverse array of premium brand men’s clothing, Man of Distinction has the perfect blazer or set of Nike’s your Dad can show off to Tom across the street. From formal to casual, their roster suits a wide range of garments to add to your Dad’s wardrobe this Father’s Day.

Poor David’s
With a slogan that states “Be a Legendary Gift Giver”, Poor David’s does not disappoint when it comes to presents. From books, cards, gardening, candles and more, they carry gifts appropriate for any occasion. It’s a real one-stop-shop for Father’s Day and more. Surprise your Dad with the tantalizing scents of rocky mountain soap or some new tools for the garden this year.