As rich and culturally diverse as many other facets of Inglewood are, so is our accessibility for parking and transportation. The Inglewood BIA is a champion of walkability and bicycle-friendly pathways – we wish to extend this sentiment to residents, guests and continue to advocate towards a pedestrian-priority and accessible community.

In addition, Inglewood is also accessible by water. For groups and individuals floating off the Elbow and Bow rivers, there are multiple access points to the community to enjoy our shops and services.

Bicycle Parking

Inglewood proudly boasts bicycle- friendly parking along its main and side streets. The presence of bike racks located conveniently in front of community businesses ensures cyclists feel safe and confident while riding and parking their bicycles in Inglewood.

Vehicle Parking

Despite Inglewood’s close proximity to downtown, multiple businesses and amenities, the community features a host of mixed parking spaces. Street parking accommodations are available throughout Inglewood’s main street and adjacent side-streets. Many Inglewood businesses provide two or more spaces for customer and visitor parking.

Parking is removed on the south and north side of 9th Avenue for the bus-only lanes during peak hours on the weekdays .