Back to School

On the cusp of the solstice, September is a time of change for all. As the month rolls in, school bell’s ring, the autumn air begins to cool and if one listens carefully, they can detect the cheers and elation of happy parents sending their children back to the classroom or university students visiting a new campus for the first time. Just as the leaves on the trees turn from green to an assortment of warm hues, the lives of many families and individuals begin a seasonal transformation. For many, the start of the school year can be as hectic and overwhelming as it is exciting. With an abundance of new tasks on the go, it is not always convenient to set yourself or your loved ones up for success in their learning environment. Here, #InInglewood, we have a prized collection of shops that will make your life a little easier and brighter.



When it comes to supplies for the classroom or office, quality is key. You want to choose products that are going to serve you well, set you up for success and are perhaps pleasing to the eye as well. Feeling good about the tools you’re working with is one of the keys to a productive space. Whether you’re looking for quality pens, notebooks, design tools, office supplies or anything and everything stationary, Recess has you covered.



Our teacher’s and frontline workers have been labouring without rest over the last year and a half. What a better way to show them our gratitude than a back to school gift? Lemonceillo carefully curates a diverse roster of well-crafted and responsibly made items. From an assortment of home goods, apparel and self care items, Limonceillo has a little something for everyone.


The Next Page

Nothing says back to school like digging into a good book. If you’re looking for a specific read for a school assignment, a particular gift for an instructor, or just something cozy to fall into this autumn, The Next Page carries a diverse selection of new and used books for the discerning reader. Visit their location or browse their online shop to find the perfect read you’ve been looking for.


Onyx and Ivory

Step back into the classroom or office this fall with a brand new cut and colour from the good folks at Onyx and Ivory. Their highly-trained team of stylists have the vision and expertise to craft you a new do that is sure to turn some heads.