The Inglewood Business Improvement Area (BIA), is one of 15 associations in Calgary. The BIA  is a collaborative effort, within a geographical zone defined through the City,  by businesses to promote, manage and maintain their collective well-being.


The Inglewood BIA’s mission is to bring vibrancy to the main street of 9th Avenue SE and surrounding business area. It also aims to raise awareness about Inglewood and build a sense of belonging.

Inglewood’s BIA has a volunteer, elected Board of Directors (BoD). Board members are ratepayers or a designated representative of a ratepayer. The board has an appointed Associate Member position, whose role is the BIA/Inglewood Community Association liaison. Board members- as a collective-make budget decisions.

The Inglewood BIA, has one full-time staff (Executive Director) and one part-time staff (Administration). Staff follow direction from the board. Contractors and volunteers are additional support resources.

All BIAs are financed through a BIA levy , collected by the City of Calgary, and distributed to each of the BIAs. BIAs also have the ability to apply for grants.

Meet BIA Board and Staff

Executive Director

Rebecca O'Brien

Rebecca lives, works, and plays in Inglewood. She is committed to the walkable vibrancy of Inglewood’s historic neighbourhood and the ingredients that contribute to building thriving main streets. Rebecca sees the key to Inglewood’s success as: “it takes a village to make a village” (or as Jane Jacobs said: “Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody”).

Executive Assistant

Karen Bray

Karen Bray is the Executive Assistant at the BIA, handling routine administrative duties, compiling all information needed for our yearly Audit, taking BIA meeting Minutes, and helping out wherever needed. She has worked here since March 2014 and has loved seeing Inglewood flourish under the direction of our Board Members and Executive Director. She is also a longtime resident of Inglewood, going on 26 years, and has great pride for her neighbourhood and business community!


Dan Allard

Co Owner Cold Garden Beverage Company

Vice Chair

Mathilde Van Duyvendyk


A proud member of the Inglewood/Ramsay community with a knack for shooting the breeze and finding something interesting about everyone. Keeping it local is always priority number one.

Devon Sidwell



Devon is a Co-Founder of Ol’ Beautiful Brewing Company and is serving his second term on the Board. As resident of the community and proud supporter of small business, Devon serves the BIA with keen interest and a strong desire to see the neighborhood grow.


Josh Taylor

Notorious Hair Salon

Josh has a sweet tooth. He is also just sweet in general, and always happy to have chat. He is much loved the business community. 



Megan Szanik (Director)

A long time Inglewood resident and former BIA board member for 6 years, Megan Szanik is the proprietor of the iconic retailer espy experience located in the Atlantic Avenue Art Block. Since 2009 espy’s fashion stylists have been helping men and women dress to be the very best versions of themselves.  Follow @espyexperience on Instagram for your daily fashion fix.

Jessie Attrell (Director)

Born and raised in Calgary, Jessie is a passionate entrepreneur with a deep love for community. Jessie’s heart lies in the vibrant and diverse landscape of small businesses, contributing to the rich culture of our city. In particular, her enthusiasm extends to the unique charm of Inglewood, where she finds joy in embracing everything this community has to offer.

Dr. Colin McGuire (Director)
Back in the day Colin cooked at a couple restaurants in Edmonton, and he used to make knives too. He later moved to Toronto and was seduced by a career in music, though he continued sharpening knives for friends and family. By night, he DJ’d and produced beats as Ronin E-Ville, and by day he taught music at several universities, all while training to become a kung fu master. Colin eventually moved to Ireland, working as a music researcher for a couple years and learning to make shillelaghs. Since returning to Canada, Colin is stoked to be getting back to his roots with knives, happily nerding-out on steels, blacksmiths, and sharpening. If you want to know about Chinese-style cleavers (chuka bocho), Colin’s your guy!


Bill Bonar


Owner of Rain Dog Bar

ICA/BIA Liaison

Isaac Bignall


Owner of Say Cheese

Mike Hill (Director)

JD Hill Investments Ltd.