Inglewood Cafes – Stomping Grounds

Surely there is no better way to begin your day than with a cup of coffee?! You rise up at dawn, blissfully greet the sun and meticulously grind your favourite beans, ensuring a proper ground. As warm water dances through the dark puck nestled snugly in your portafilter, a bouquet of chocolate and toffee notes mingle merrily together, permeating your nostrils and immersing the room in a fragrant, nurturing scent. The buzz of the beans wraps your body in a warm blanket and stimulates your senses – you’re off to a brilliant start and ready to tackle the day. Later, as the sun passes the midpoint of the day, you saunter over to your local cafe for an after work pick-me-up. Espresso, pour-over, drip, french press? – No matter, they have it all. The friendly barista greets you pleasantly and prepares your beverage. You eagerly join your friends in the corner of the shop for a sit down – the coffee acting as the catalyst for lively conversation. You bid farewell to your colleagues and leave with a pound of your favourite peruvian roast. Doesn’t this all sound lovely? Here #InInglewood, we host a cornucopia of cafes and coffee shops, ready to serve you. Accordingly, we have showcased several of our local stomping grounds.


The Blue Store

Whether you have a hankering for sushi, Korean fried chicken, or need fresh bread and milk for the house, the Blue Store has it all. A one stop shop with additional accoutrements, the Blue Store partnered with the good folks at Fratello to release the ‘coffee hut’- serving customers delicious drip and specialty coffees. Grab yourself a cup next time you’re in for a grocery run.


Gravity Espresso and Wine Bar

A long time coffee staple in Inglewood, Gravity is a European style cafe, serving up bevy’s exclusively with Phil & Sebastian beans. The ambiance in the cafe is both comforting and bright, an excellent place to work or visit friends. While you’re there, balance out your buzz with a cheese and wine pairing and be sure to check their schedule for live music performances.



If vegan fare is what you seek, head to Canela for a tasty treat! What started as a farmer’s market venture, turned into a full fledged cafe in the heart of Inglewood. Canela proudly serves Calgary Heritage Roasting Co. coffee and is Calgary’s first fully vegan cafe. They prepare a variety of delicious eats, best served with a warm cup of java.


Good News

Good news everyone! Tucked away in the little red house at the intersection of commercial and residential Inglewood lies a cozy cafe aptly named Good News coffee. The vibes are cordial, genuine and neighbourly, while boasting  a mix of tasteful antiquities. Good News is the perfect spot to pull up a chair and get lost in a good book – best served with a caffeinated beverage.


Rosso Coffee

If you’re not familiar with Rosso by now then ‘fuhgeddaboudit’. But seriously, Rosso Coffee roasters has been serving up some delicious brews for over a decade and a half now, putting them on the map as one of Calgary’s premier roasters and cafes. Stop by their location in Inglewood and grab a bag of their Turning Point or Two Wheel while you’re at it.


Au Croque Monsieur

Brand new to Inglewood, we are excited to present Au Croque Monsieur. Their mantra is simply to keep things simple. Working with homemade, whole ingredients and locally purchased roasts, Au Croque Monsieur creates a welcoming, warm atmosphere in their cafe – a place you can hang with friends, get work done or wind down after a long day. Serving up Convana coffee roasted in Calgary, their medium roast offers “rich, nutty and dark chocolate flavours with just a hint of orange citrus.”



Monki Breakfast Club & Bistro are known for their flagship decadent French Toast dishes and eggs benedict smothered in pink-prosecco hollandaise – that’s a given. They also serve local Rosso coffee, made to your specifications. Nothing completes brunch like a fresh cup of joe – especially when you had a few too many the night before. If you’ve had more than a few too many, you can also order beans from their website.


Bea’s Inglewood Cafe

Located inside of Bite Grocer, Bea’s Inglewood Cafe serves nostalgic, approachable food and hot, fresh espresso from local Calgarian roaster Big Mountain Coffee. Whether you’re stopping in for their Early Bird Brunch, all day breakfast or a simple cup of coffee, Bea’s Inglewood Cafe is a local favourite, sure to keep you satiated.