Plant-Based Eats #InInglewood

Coming off the heels of Inglewood’s Plant-Based Stampede Breakfast, we figured there was no better time than the present to showcase some of the neighbourhood’s top spots for plant-based and vegan eats. Not just a trend, plant-based eating and veganism has seen a growing trend in recent years. For some, plant-based eating is a lifestyle and for others it is a welcome addition to their typical diet. Whether you’re a lifelong vegan, vegetarian or simply a weekday meat-eater, there are plenty of amazing plant-based dining options #InInglewood for you to try – here are some of our favourites.


A1 Burrito/Ol’ Beautiful Brewing Co

Nestled inside the comfy confines of Ol’ Beautiful Brewing co is a quaint food stand by the name of A1 Burrito. Self-proclaimed as Inglewood’s spot for authentic Mexican food, A1 Burrito serves a no-nonsense, tasty roster of burritos (obviously), quesadillas, tacos, chips and of course donas (donuts). Vegans and plant-minded eaters alike can typically count on chips with salsa and guac for a sans-animal dining experience, but the real home run is the vegan burrito. A delectable combination of pinto beans, poblano, white onion, guacamole and pico de gallo, the vegan burrito is a real crowd pleaser – best served with an ice-cold Mexican Lager from Ol’ Beautiful.


BiteYYC/Bea’s Cafe

Sibling shops BiteYYC and Bea’s Cafe certainly are a local favourite for Inglewood dwellers and YYC inhabitants alike. For starters, one can expect a quick, hassle-free shopping experience, complete with quality products. In addition, BiteYYC bolsters an impressive plant-based shopping section with a carefully-curated selection of plant based bites. Try Field Roast smoked apple & sage sausages for your next barbecue (a personal favourite), pasta sauces from local company Soul Bowl, or donair mheat from another local fave, Veghammer. For those looking to dine in, opt for the fattoush salad or avocado toast from Bea’s Cafe.


Vegan Street Taco Bar/The Attic

Sibling shops appear to be a common theme #InInglewood and Vegan Street Taco Bar and The Attic are no exception to this list. Brought to you by the owners of Vegan Street Beltline, the taco bar offers a 100% plant-based dining experience, serving tacos, bowls, and of course margs. Favourites include the No-Fish, Chipotle Chickin, Asada Portobello tacos and Lemon Tofu bowls. Stop by their gorgeous patio or upstairs terrace for the daily happy hour from 3-5 p.m. and 9-close for $5 dine-in tacos and draft beer. If you’re after plant-based pizza, then head upstairs to the attic for some ooey-gooey za, cooked to perfection in a stone-fired oven. 


Madison’s 12/12


When we think of Madison’s, nacho’s immediately come to mind. Images of deliciously decadent tortilla chips, smothered in cheesy (or plant cheese) goodness and premium, piled-high toppings may flood one’s vision. For vegan and plant-based eaters, we suggest the Mac N’ Cheese  Nachos – Macaroni noodles, cheese sauce (vegan), mixed cheddar (vegan), Spolumbo’s sausage, spring onion, house made ketchup, corn chips. Just as well, try the Mexican Nachos – Monterey Jack Cheese (vegan), lack bean corn salsa, jalapenos, Enchilada sauce, Greek yogurt (vegan), corn chips. And finally, if you’re not topping those nachos with delicious Jackfruit, then you’re missing out my friend. 


Canela Vegan Bakery & Café


Seriously though, when’s the last time you paid a visit to Canela #InInglewood? If the answer is never, then lace up and check out their location immediately. Canela offers an entirely plant-based bakery and cafe menu, specializing in handcrafted vegan pastries and beverages made with love. Our recommendation – begin your Canela experience with a caffeine fix in the form of a warm and creamy oat milk latte from the cafe – next we’re off to the bakery. For first timers you must try the sausage rolls – they can’t be beat. If you’re after a little something to satisfy your sweet tooth, the cinnamon rolls and handmade pop tarts will not disappoint.  


Highline Brewing


You can always count on Inglewood for a touchdown roster of local breweries and Highline Brewing is another which tops this list. While Highline may be notable for its craft brews and rotating cocktail menu, one of the best kept menu secrets are the veggie dogs. Sub out any hot dog for a veggie option and you’re good to go! The Sicilian is a real drool-inducer and comes topped with arugula; truffle mayo (sub out for vegan); fried mushrooms; nutritional yeast and served with house-made potato chips. For a beer pairing, try the Dadge Cucumber Ale, a refreshing summer brew that won’t over sweeten your taste buds. 

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