Business Spotlight: Switching Gear YYC

What’s keeping you inside? Nothing! There has never been a better time to spend outdoors than the present. Take a look around and you’ll find lots of Calgarians are venturing to the mountains and enjoying our city’s beautiful parks and streams. Prairies to the east and mountains to the west, there’s no shortage of exploring to be had. Some of us have even taken up ice skating for the first time. Aside from a couple of bruises along the way, the push for many Calgarians to take up outdoor activities is a positive shift. There is not a better way to beat the winter blues and improve our overall health. We have an abundance of locations and resources at our disposal, so let’s utilize them for the better.


Look to Switching Gear YYC for your first stop to tackling those outdoor adventures. Whether it’s general clothing, gear for summer or winter sports, Switching Gear YYC carries all the tools and accessories you need to elevate your outdoor sporting experience. “We like to be a stepping stone for folks in their outdoor journey,” says Switching Gear YYC manager Rory Allen. “If we don’t have it, we’re pretty certain no one else has it either.”


The all-encompassing sports consignment shop has been a staple in the town of Canmore for nearly three decades, before opening their Inglewood location two years ago. The original owners observed a demand for a gear hub where consumers could purchase and consign outdoor sporting goods under one roof and seized the opportunity. “Before Switching Gear, people in the town (Canmore) used to post ads for their gear and run around buying and selling,” explains Allen. “We provided an outlet for our customers’ demand and the stores have been operating happily ever since.”


The Switching Gear YYC model has been a welcome addition to the Inglewood roster of shops. Our community is no stranger to second hand and consignment stores and Switching Gear YYC has certainly found their role within the neighbourhood. “There’s a lot of consignment places in Inglewood, but nothing like Switching Gears,” says Allen. “We sit well with Inglewood and the overall community surrounding it and love interacting with the other shops. There’s lots of great food around here as well!”


Whether you are looking for a pair of skates, a set of cross country, or camping gear, Switching Gear YYC carries a diverse array of supplies to help you along the way. “You have to start somewhere. You don’t need everything, but you need something and we’re here to help you out,” says Allen.


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