Business Spotlight: Kent of Inglewood – March Shavings

Wet shaving is neither a task or a chore, it is a practice one anticipates with great pleasure – a cherished ritual of self care and nurture for the body. You step out of a hot shower, load a fresh platinum blade, and begin to form a rich, foamy lather. The effortless glide of the razor across your skin leaves you feeling soothed, clean and ready to tackle the day. For many, this is an act of personal wellness, a routine that leaves you feeling your best and looking your best. For those who are not familiar with the timeless art of wet shaving and all of it’s accoutrements, Kent of Inglewood is your local educator, purveyor and knower of all things razors, blades and beards. They are doing it quite well and getting people excited about shaving!


Nathan Gareau helped open one of the first Kent of Inglewood stores in Calgary close to seven years ago and is the communications manager for the brand. A sister company to Knifewear, Kent of Inglewood formed it’s roots as a happy accident of sorts.


“Kent of Inglewood started out of curiosity and customer demand,” said Nathan. “People were coming into Knifewear (next door) looking for straight razors and we wanted to satisfy that need, so we opened up shop.”


Nathan is a man of culture, presentation and enjoys the finer things in life – he crafts a mean Manhattan and speaks in cursive. Don’t let this intimidate you from your wet shaving journey, Nathan is as affable and approachable as they come – eager to share with or educate anyone about the joys of safety and straight razors.


“I’m very much a polish my own boots and listen to records hipster, but wet shaving is for anyone,“ Nathan jokes. “When people come back and tell us how great their razor is, that is very rewarding. A lot of people don’t have those nice self care moments in their lives and it’s really valuable.”


The brilliant part of wet shaving is the inclusivity of the community, it really is a choose your own adventure scenario. Whether you’re shaving your face, head, body, legs, or other parts, a safety razor may be a superior choice to those cartridge razors you’ve been using.  Many individuals take the plunge into the world of safety razors because it’s a cheaper alternative and much more environmentally friendly than the bulk, waste and exorbitant fashion of cartridge razors. For some, it’s a less sensitive and closer shave than a traditional cartridge razor. Finally, it’s the experience and passion of the craft that certain individuals lust after.


Nathan insists that your wet shaving journey “depends how much work you want to get into it. For some it’s an experience, for others it’s a cheaper alternative.” He adds, “There are certain parts of your day you’re never going to enjoy, but if you can enjoy shaving, then overall you’re going to have a better day.”


Like many shops in the community, Kent of Inglewood values a product roster of local, sustainable, ethically sourced goods. They carry a wide range of razors, blades, soaps, creams and virtually any accessory that will enhance one’s shaving experience. In particular, you can find local products from Tremendous Beard Care, Kent of Inglewood’s own product line and Karve Shaving from Edmonton. One of their most admirable qualities is the way they take care of their employees.


“We work really hard to take care of our staff,” says Nathan. “It’s important that our staff be paid a living wage, along with benefits and profit sharing. These are the things that make it worth while for someone to stick around.”


For the month of March, Kent of Inglewood is offering 15 per cent off all safety razors, traditional straight razors and shavettes. Whether you are starting your wet shaving  journey or looking to upgrade from your current razor, Kent of Inglewood has the tools for you to achieve a closer, more comfortable shave and reduce your environmental footprint.