Fashion Revolution Week YYC/ Earth Day

Fashion Revolution Week is a global movement which raises awareness to the excess, overproduction, overconsumption and ethical concerns of the fast fashion industry, while placing a greater emphasis on slow fashion. In 2022, Fashion Revolution Week stretches from April 18-22, concluding on Earth day. Owner of Inglewood shops STASH Lounge and RICK RACK Textiles, Veronica Murphy is at the helm of the Fashion Revolution Calgary chapter and wants consumers to recognize more sustainable options and choices they may implement in their wardrobe. Veronica states “Fashion Revolution Week is about the true cost of doing business, the true cost of fashion – both environmental and social cost.”


So what exactly are the differences between fashion and slow fashion? Fast fashion emphasizes quantity over quality and focuses on the mass production of cheaply made, inexpensive garments, with considerable turnover. Veronica notes “fast fashion often sacrifices logical clothing design elements for the sake of saving pennies.”


The industry is responsible for ⅓ of global water pollution and up to 35% of microplastics found in our oceans. Alternatively, Veronica insists “slow fashion has more to do with creating a wardrobe made of quality pieces that last longer -the antithesis of fast fashion.” Veronica adds, “slow fashion really deemphasizes the cycle of fast fashion, so there is less manufactured, less textile waste.”


Slow fashion is all about sustainability, supporting local and the significance of ethical garment choices. It may be as simple as thrifting or researching your favorite clothing brands. Veronica urges consumers to take simple steps towards the slow fashion movement and individuals may achieve this by:


  1. Consuming less
  2. Supporting mindfully
  3. Supporting local
  4. Reusing and repairing garments
  5. Thrift/second hand garments

This week Veronica visited some of her favourite shops #InInglewood which are doing their part to augment the growing movement of slow fashion. We hope you visit these locations when making your next clothing purchase and have a happy earth day friends.