Yes, we call ourselves just Plant. We are that straight-forward. We believe that everyone could bring a little more of the outside in. Our goal is to bring plants to you in a beautiful and contemporary way. We are born and raised on the prairies, so we know how important it is to bring something living into our homes or offices during the off season, when the weather may not be cooperating outside. We also know that indoor plants can be fussy, so we try to combat the black thumbs out there by providing hardy varieties, appropriate vessels for specific plants, and offer clear instructions on how to maintain your miniature landscape.

The majority of our products are created right in the shop, including all of our terrariums, and a growing line of vessels and plant holders that are unique as the plants themselves. We source hand-crafted quality goods made by individuals and organizations that put quality ahead of quantity. Lastly, we are collectors of timeless, functional vintage goods, and offer an ever-changing curated selection.

We also provide workshops in our shop. From bee house building to terrarium making, each workshop is hands-on and you get to walk away with something you created, along with some new skills to impress your family and friends. (Check out our workshop schedule and learn more about our workshops)

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