moonstone creation

Moonstone Creation

Yvonne Jobin
Traditional Artist, Designer & Spiritualist

Yvonne Jobin is Cree First Nations originally from High Prairie, Alberta and now residing in Calgary, Alberta.

Yvonne’s considerable knowledge of traditional native culture and spirituality is reflected in her art work. Whether her work is for traditional use, collectors, museums or major motion pictures, all of her art reflects a respect for the gift of nature, the land and humankind’s need to live in balance with creation.

Yvonne is much in demand as a seminar leader and teacher by Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals alike. She is dedicated to preserving and teaching her culture through the arts and with the use of authentic materials of her ancestors.

Her work is in private and public collections in Canada, United States and Europe and will continue to develop a high profile within the artistic community

Yvonne is an appointed Marriage Commissioner by the Government of Alberta


Amy Willier

Artist, Designer, Co-Owner

Amy Willier is Cree First Nations from Sucker Creek Reserve, AB and now resides in Calgary, Alberta.
Amy has spent her life under the tutelage of her mother, Yvonne Jobin.  She has learned how to tan hides, do beadwork and many other ancient artforms. Amy has taken the traditional arts and brought them into the future with her artistic creativity.  She specializes in beadwork, leather work, painting and fish scale art.
Amy is the sales manager at Moonstone Creation, and loves to teach others about her culture when they come into the gallery.

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1219 10 Ave SE, Calgary, AB
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