Esker Foundation

Esker Foundation is the largest privately funded, non-commercial contemporary art gallery in Calgary. As a leader in the Calgary arts community, Esker Foundation connects the public to contemporary art through relevant, accessible, and educational exhibitions, programs, and publications. Esker Foundation reflects on current developments in local, regional, and international culture; creates opportunities for public dialogue; and supports the production of groundbreaking new work, ideas, and research. Founded in 2012 by Jim and Susan Hill, Esker Foundation is a new model for institutional relevance, curatorial focus, and audience engagement.

Esker Foundation programs three exhibition changes per year for the fall, winter, and spring/summer seasons.

In addition to the main exhibition space on the fourth floor of the Atlantic Avenue Arts Block, the Project Space is a vital alternative exhibition venue that aims to engage the community by increasing the presence and accessibility of contemporary art at street level. As a commissioning body, the Project Space invites emerging and established artists to develop new, responsive projects that directly address the neighborhood and explore important contemporary issues.

Exhibitions are visible to the public 24 hours a day and run for approximately three months, for a total of four exhibitions a year.

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1011 9 Ave SE 4th floor, Calgary, AB
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