crown surplus

Crown Surplus

This has been a family operated business going on three generations. My father opened the original doors on the heels of the Korean conflict.

A couple years later we opened a new location in the heart of Inglewood on 9th Ave SE, “Calgary’s Original Main Street” and had our warehouse just down the street. And a couple years later in 1955, we closed up the shop on 9th and started using the warehouse as our storefront too. The building has changed a few times, expanding and adjoining the neighbouring lots over the years, but we’ve been here ever since.

While the basic “Surplus Business” has changed dramatically over the years, we have carefully kept pace with the times to appeal to a broad range of consumers….from the well informed collector…to someone wanting to make a fashion statement!

No question…we could probably write a best selling book about some of the fascinating people we have encountered, buying trips we have had, the wonderful (and sometimes scary) things we have discovered in storage sheds and shipments from far away lands.

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1005 11 St SE, Calgary, AB
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