Analog Coffee

Analog is passion for coffee & community, made tangible. 

Analog was founded with the view that every cup of coffee poured should be something special, and that ‘good enough’, is never good enough. The first Analog was opened in 2011 at the Calgary Farmers Market, followed by the 17th Ave location right in heart of the city’s beltline in 2012. Our community (and cafés) have only continued to grow from there.

We hope you’ll quickly see how completely and totally obsessed we are with every decision that goes into our coffee and products. Every detail of the guest experience is considered, pondered, and intuitive, from the décor, vibe and food, to the coffee itself. Celebrating the individuality of our talented baristas, we use some of the most innovative equipment available - a barista’s dream. Analog is a place where we can carefully craft our brilliant single-origin coffees, and where everyone can join the Analog community finding their own place in the Analog story, which, of course, is only getting started.

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