Christmas In Inglewood

Nobody Does Christmas Like Inglewood!

Leave the mall and ‘shop local’ this festive season on Calgary’s favorite, historic, walkable main street!

Saturdays from November 26th-December 17th: Take a photo with Santa, enjoy live music (indoors and outside) on the Music Mile, and enjoy free hot chocolate*.

Baby, you are gorgeous, but your eyebrows are out of control! Inglewood has your party season beauty needs taken care of with 20+ salons, barber shops and beauty spas.

Have a partner or friend who is more of a sitter ( read: ” I need a cold beer and a warm seat”) than a shopper? Live music venues including The Blues Can,The Ironwood and The Attic will check that box!

Art galleries including the Esker foundationVivian Art, the Collector’s Gallery of Art and Circa Vintage Art Glassallow for contemplation and a rest from the bustling main street!

Inglewood is Calgary’s historic brewery area- for international award-winning microbrewery beer ( or a classy cocktail at the historic Off Cut Bar or trendy new Business and Pleasure)  after a busy day of shopping- you have come to the right place.

And last, but definitely not least… the many independent, creative, curated businesses will fill your gift needs. And you will be doing what you love to do-having a great day while shopping local!

Tune in to our Instagram for updates on Christmas In Inglewood events.

*while supplies last

Northern Reflections Augmented Reality Art Walk: Inglewood + East Village (guided walking tour Jan 29th at 1pm)

Augmented Reality (AR) adds graphics, sounds, touch and feedback into what we already see in front of us, through a device like an app on your phone. AR uses an existing display and overlays virtual information on top of it. You’ve probably already encountered AR without even realizing it – think Snapchat filters and Pokémon GO. Unlike Virtual Reality (VR) which transports you to a different world, AR transforms your own personal reality and perspective. The AR application, Augle, is available for download in the App Store and Google Play.


For the second year, Inglewood showcases business windows though a combination of mural, animation and music, viewed with the Augle App. The Art Walk takes place over Chinook Blast, from January 21st to February 28th, 2022, and this year includes East Village. Northern Reflection Augmented Reality Art Walk is a free, outdoors, immersive art experience for everyone to enjoy. Check out @inglewoodyyc as the tour rolls out.


Take the Art Walk to unlock a voting token worth $6 that goes directly to your favourite artist team.Once you’ve toured at least 12 windows you earn a voting token worth $6. That token is yours to give to the artist team of your choice. Up to 330 votes available.


This year’s windows in partnership with Inglewood BIA,and Calgary Municipal Land Corporation, presented by MAUD Collective and Chinook Blast. There are a total of 47 artists featured this year across 16 different murals.


Sneak Peak 


Sneak Peak runs from the January 21st to January 28th. The murals will be active during this time for anyone interested in early touring.



Guided Walking Tour 


  • Artists in attendance
  • January 29, 2022 at 1:00pm
  • Start at Sidewalk Citizen on the North Side of the building 618 Confluence Way SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0G1
  • Last location is Shoe Closet in Inglewood

More information on the Maud Collective website.


To speak with a participating artist or business, please contact: Katie Pearce,


Artist/Window List:


Sidewalk Citizen 


Mural title: Luminous Laughter




P: Sarah Slaughter      IG: @SarahSlaughterArt • Website• FB: SarahSlaughterArt


A: Mackenzie Bedford            IG: @mackenziebedford


M: Melody Stang




Mural Title: Springtime in Italy




P: Sarah Johnston IG@blk.dress.1313


A: Anthony Janicki 


M:Daniel Pelton


Shades of Sleep 


Mural Title: Beyond the Clouds




P: Yiting Hui


A: Barbara Peters


M: James Watson


Highline Brewery


Mural Title: Little Guys




P: Mantis Mei


A: Nicole Anne Santangelo


M: Robin Pradhan (Mabel, compsigh)


Studio Bell


Mural Title: Music Melts the Ice




P: Claudia Weigelsberger @weigelsberger


A: Claudia Weigelsberger


M: Howard Chapman


Hose and Hound


Mural Title: The Ghost Monkey




P: Doro Buch IG


A: Aylssa Koski @Alyssa_Koski_Art


M: BLVD NOIR @blvd_noir


King Eddy


Mural Title: Home of the Blues




P: Adrianne Williams @adrianne_c_williams


A: Evelyn Delgado @evvie_lightpirate ,


M: bracing, @bracing_lightpirate,


Shoe Closet 


Mural Title: Right Place Wrong Time




P: Mayb Instagram  Mayb_Art


A: Shaena E Trotman 


M: Thomas Thomas


Luna Blue Window


Mural Title: There sure are lots of bridges here.




P: Autumn Rogers insta – _probablyautumn


A: Brian ‘Bunny’ Batista@brianbunnybatista


M: Heather


8 Cakes


Mural Title: Sprinkled With Joy




P:Jessica Semenoff


A: Uii Savage @ai_fetish


M:Leif Olson (lokey)

Soleil Bistro and Bar


Mural Title: Juntos Bajo Los Rayos




P: Mckenna Prather Instagram: mckenna_prather_


A: Gene Cabarroguis


M: Jay Corey @jaycoreyfox


Good Earth East Village


Mural Title: Do tigers love coffee?




P: Lusine Manukyan


A: Reuben Scott Instagram:


M: I am the Mountain @iamthemountainmusic


Alt and Nupo Hotel


Mural Title: Fox & Fish




P: Tiffany Wollman instagram: tiffanywollman instagram:sunandmoondreamshop


A: Matthew Senn Instagram:


M: Benjamin


1216 Door 


Mural Title: Inglewood Map




P: Larissa Schuler


@schux_ (insta and tiktok)


A: Jarett Sitter instagram – @deepcuts


M: Natural Twenty


Circa Vintage Arts 


Mural Title: Fluid




P: Tiffany Cuffley


A: Matt Coffey


M: Mark Cruz (fatrok)


Brewers Apprentice 


Mural Title: Hoppy Holidays




P: Kiah




A: Laura Anzola Instagram: @iridescent_whale


M: Matt Blais @mattblaismusic

Northern Reflections: Inglewood – Augmented Art Tour

Inglewood is currently hosting a six-week augmented reality exhibition,
Northern Reflections on Thursday, starting January 21 and running through the end of February.

The exhibit is part of Chinook Blast, a winter art festival happening throughout Calgary from February 11 – 28.

Eleven teams of artists (painters, animators and musicians) have taken over the business windows in Inglewood to celebrate the power of music, art and business. The exhibition is a partnership between The Inglewood BIA and Maud Collective, who, alongside a panel of judges, determined the artists that will create augmented reality murals on businesses around Inglewood.

The murals have been paired with music produced by local and international musicians, and an interactive experience when users download the free Augle Apponto their smartphone. To use, Calgarians can simply activate the AR camera in the app, point their phone at the image and see augmented reality artwork in action.


Please note: There may be unresolved bugs with the Augle app. As we target the issues and work out solutions, we’d love to know what’s happening. Your feedback is really important if there are any technical issues occurring. For this reason, please report any issues with the app here:

Find installations at the following locations:

Bioi  >> 1336B 9 Ave SE ~ Website | Instagram
Painter: Mayb ~ Instagram
Animator: Matthew Waddell ~ Website | Instagram
Musician: Howard Chapman ~ Website | YouTube

Blue Store  >>  1344 9 Ave SE ~ Facebook
Painter: Christina Milloy ~ Website | Instagram
Animator: Matt Coffey ~ Website | Facebook | Instagram
Musician: Hayden McHugh ~ Website | Facebook | Instagram

Circa Vintage Art Glass  >> 1226A 9 Ave SE ~ Website | Facebook | Instagram
Painter: Gladzey Kei Zuniga ~ Website | Facebook | Instagram
Animator: Anthony Janicki ~ YouTube
Musician: Jonathan David ~ Website | Facebook | Instagram

ESPY Experience >> 1009 9 Ave SE ~ Website | Facebook | Instagram
Painter & Animator : Mike Hooves ~ Website | FacebookInstagram

Festival Hall >> 1215 10 Avenue SE ~ Website | Facebook Instagram
Painter & Animator: Tank Standing Buffalo ~ Instagram
Musician: Shane Ghostkeeper ~ Website | Facebook Twitter

Gorilla Whale  >> 1214 9 Ave SE ~ Website | FacebookInstagram
Painter: Jennifer Konanz ~ Website | Instagram
Animator: Shaena E Trotman ~ Website | Instagram
Musician: BLVD NOIR ~ Website | Facebook | Instagram

Ironwood Stage & Grill   >>  1229 9 Ave SE
Artist: Quinn Mazurkewich ~ Website | Facebook Instagram
Animator: Mathieu Martel ~ Website  | Instagram 
Musician: Heather Adam ~ Website | Instagram

Purr Clothing  >>  1227 9 Ave SE ~ Website | Instagram
Painter: Jessica Semenoff ~ Website | Facebook | Instagram
Animator:  Michelle Ku ~ Website | Instagram
Musician: Hair Control (Rebecca Reid/ Ryan Bourne) ~ Website | Instagram 

Rosso Coffee Roasters >> 1402 9 Ave SE ~ Website | Facebook | Instagram
Painter: Claudia Weigelsberger ~ Website | Instagram
Animator: Uii Savage ~ Website | Instagram
Musician: Laura Hickli ~ Website | Facebook | Instagram

Spolumbos Fine Foods & Deli >> 1308 9 Ave SE ~ Website
Painter: Doro Buch ~ Website | Facebook | Instagram
Animator: Micheel Kohlweg ~ Website | Instagram
Musician: Jeremy Gignoux ~ Website | Facebook | Instagram

STASH  >>  1237 9 Avenue SE ~ Website | Instagram
Painter: Nicole Wolf ~ Website | Instagram
Animator: Jarett Sitter ~ Website | Instagram
Musician: Robert Adams ~ Website | Facebook | Instagram

Twitchin Threadz  >> 1335 9 Ave SE ~ Website | Facebook | Instagram
Painter: Sarah Johnston ~ Profile | CV
Animator: Mackenzie Bedford ~ Website Facebook | Instagram
Musician: Kyle Hinton ~ Website | Facebook | Instagram

Music Mile Friday Night Live

This Friday, July 3 starting at 5 pm, the inaugural Live from Music Mile: It’s Friday Night! will stream 45-minute sets live from several of Inglewood’s member businesses:


Gravity Espresso and Wine Bar at 5:00 p.m.
King Eddy at 6:00 p.m.
Without Papers at 7:00 p.m.
Ironwood Stage & Grill at 8:00 p.m.
Hose & Hound at 9:00 p.m.
Blues Can at 10:00 p.m.


Join us online and learn more at

Movie Under the Stars

Movie Under the Stars

Saturday July 4th, 9:00 PM at Gopher Park

Featuring: “Down by Law”
Down by Law is a 1986 American black-and-white independent film written and directed by Jim Jarmusch and starring Tom Waits, John Lurie, and Roberto Benigni. The film centers on the arrest, incarceration, and escape from jail of three men. Watch the UK film trailer here.

Free admission and pop available for purchase.

Sunday Mornings at Gopher Park

Join Us Every Sunday in July

As we head into the summer months, the Inglewood Business Improvement Area has curated free Summer entertainment in Gopher Park located on the corner of 11th Street and 11th Avenue S.E.

Every Sunday morning in July the urban park will be filled with the sound of beating bongo drums with a weekly performance from a local favourite The Motherhuggers.

On Saturday July 4 at 9:00 pm, there will be an outdoor film screening of Down By Law, a Jim Jarmusch film, starring Tom Waits, John Lurie and Roberto Benigni which will begin at 9 p.m There is space for 50 people and social distancing is required. Popcorn and drinks will be available for purchase.

Lastly on Saturday July 11 and July 18th from 10:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. cellist, Shirley Wright, will deliver a performance focused on early Italian composers.

Night Markets 2019

The Inglewood Night Market is a modern day market that occurs every second Friday in the summer months in Calgary Alberta.

In 2019 our dates are June 7th, July 12th, August 9th, September 13th and September 14th (In September we do two nights both Friday and Saturday) we run from 5pm to 11pm each date.

Each event hosts over 50 local vendors selling diverse goods from handmade craftsmen items to vintage clothing, antiques & collectibles, artisan eats & more! You’ll also find food trucks, singer songwriters, bands, dancers, outdoor seating, a family friendly licenced area and other fun things to check out!

Our home is the beloved Inglewood Neighbourhood just off 9th Avenue and 10th street!

The Inglewood Night Market is put together by the newly formed Inglewood Event Society. Our Society’s mandate is to provide FREE cultural events focusing on local artists in Calgary.


Welcome To Music Mile

Historic, trendy and soulful, with great restaurants and one-of-a-kind retail, Music Mile is Calgary’s original main street. It’s a great place for a walk, popular for its fine dining, galleries and proximity to attractions like Fort Calgary, the Calgary Zoo, St. Patrick’s Island and RiverWalk. 

Above all, MUSIC MILE is buzzing with musical energy generated by the talented musicians who perform here year round, in all genres, at an extraordinary variety of venues.

Where is MUSIC MILE exactly?  
It’s 9th Avenue SE from the Blues Can in Inglewood to Studio Bell (the home of theNational Music Centre) in East Village, with great live music houses like Ironwood Stage & Grill, 500 Cucina, the Alexandra Centre (home of the U of C Ballroom Dance Club and rehearsal hall for the Calgary Civic Symphony) and Fort Calgary (home to outdoor festivals and the newest live music stage on MUSIC MILE, Burnswest Theatre) in between.  

Blocks near 9th in Inglewood and East Village are bursting with more music venues than you could imagine – Folk Fest’s Festival Hall, The Nash, Cafe Gravity, the Lantern Church, Charbar, Bite Groceteria, Calgary Opera’s Opera in the Village and more.  

​The Inglewood Night Market, Calgary Fringe, SunFest, JazzYYC and East Village bring professional live music onto the street throughout the warm months.  

The concept of MUSIC MILE was nurtured into being through the work of a small cadre of volunteers now dubbed the MUSIC MILE CREW:  Meg Van Rosendaal, Bob Chartier, Sarah Stephenson, Greg Curtis, Kerry Clarke, Chad Saunders, Jim Button, John Rutherford and Colleen Krueger – many of these names synonymous with live music in Calgary.  Read more about how MUSIC MILE got started in STORIES.

And now it’s run by the MUSIC MILE stakeholders through the Music Mile Society of Calgary, a Non-Profit dedicated to promoting and enhancing MUSIC MILE as a popular pedestrian destination for Calgarians and tourists alike.  This is just the start – watch it grow!