Business Spotlight – Monki Bistro: Monki Business

Monki Bistro: Monki Business

Brunch is a sacred ritual practiced by the majority of urban dwellers in our city. It is not quite breakfast and not quite lunch, but it comes with a slice of cantaloupe at the end. The fare is warm, hearty and should satiate one’s appetite well into the late afternoon hours – perhaps topped off with a mimosa or two. With this in mind, if there’s one thing that Monki Bistro knows, it’s brunch.


Co-owner Aditya Dutta is the visionary on the Monki team. Along with Kaushik Sudharsanam, they are the primary caretakers of the overall pulse of the company, ensuring a positive customer experience and keeping the vibe in check. “Monki was my favourite brunch spot in Calgary,” said co-owner of Monki Bistro Adi Dutta. “We were thrilled to find out that it was for sale in 2016. The co-founders had a vision, but our goal was to freshen the brand – come up with something lively and creative.”


Monki Bistro was founded in 2012 in Calgary’s Beltline. Although it had become a popular haunt in Calgary’s brunch community, it was when owners Adi and Kaushik purchased the establishment in 2016 that the venture really established itself as a community favourite – expanding to a location in Inglewood. “We like to do brunch differently,” said Dutta, “we cannot change the premise of brunch, but we can take the classic brunch experience and transform the act of eating together.” Dutta adds, “The customer is above everything for us. We will toss out a menu if it is not received well.”

Monki serves an array of classic brunch dishes, elevated through a contemporary, yet simple approach to flavour and presentation. Their menu includes innovative takes on french toast, breakfast poutines, hash and eggs benedict. Their pink hollandaise really stands out from other brunch spots, with the added prosecco providing a crisp tone to the flavour. While they maintain a flagship lineup of favourites, their rotating french toast is something you’ll go bananas over. Stuffed with decadent fillings and topped with ooey-gooey sauces and syrups, their holiday french toast was a recent community favourite. The ginger-brioche foundation really set the stage for eggnog whipped cream and gingerbread crumble. “I absolutely love our french toast,” said Dutta. “We’ve been quite creative with our recipes and our customers love the new inspirations. Look out for a new french toast surprise this month!”


Adi and Kaushik believe in bolstering a menu with local goodies, so be sure to treat yourself to a coffee from Rosso or a malted beverage from Eighty-Eight Brewing Co. (The Good Morning Coffee Stout pairs deliciously with any menu item.)


Adi admires the sincerity and charm of Inglewood, where it “feels like its own little town.” Every store and resident are proud to be a part of the community and it shines through at the restaurant. It does not take long for word to travel through a community about new menu items. “The Inglewood Business Improvement Area is very unique,” said Dutta. “You see Rebecca, the executive director, Inglewood BIA, going up and down 9th Avenue every day on her bike. She always helps us out with tips on the shop.”


Like many local restaurants, Monki Bistro has been presented with many challenges through the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they are committed to providing a safe, sustainable experience for their customers at no compromise. With takeout and delivery in mind, Adi and the team at Monki have fortified themselves as a premier brunch delivery service. All of their take-home products are compostable and recyclable – an effort to provide a sustainable service.


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