The Curated Home

Welcome to The Curated Home and our exclusive Curati Collection.

This Calgary-based company is a long-time labour of love for its Founder & Principal Designer, Jenn Stephenson, who believes deeply in the capacity of our homes to nourish, comfort and uplift us.

Infusing her love of home and interior design, a successful 23+ year career in residential real estate & homebuilding, Jenn is all about creating timeless interiors you’ll love coming home to. Her contagious passion for investing in quality, and intentionally surrounding ourselves with beautiful, meaningful possessions is at the heart of The Curated Home.

Analog Coffee

Analog is passion for coffee & community, made tangible. 

Analog was founded with the view that every cup of coffee poured should be something special, and that ‘good enough’, is never good enough. The first Analog was opened in 2011 at the Calgary Farmers Market, followed by the 17th Ave location right in heart of the city’s beltline in 2012. Our community (and cafés) have only continued to grow from there.

We hope you’ll quickly see how completely and totally obsessed we are with every decision that goes into our coffee and products. Every detail of the guest experience is considered, pondered, and intuitive, from the décor, vibe and food, to the coffee itself. Celebrating the individuality of our talented baristas, we use some of the most innovative equipment available – a barista’s dream. Analog is a place where we can carefully craft our brilliant single-origin coffees, and where everyone can join the Analog community finding their own place in the Analog story, which, of course, is only getting started.

Caesar Shop

In 1969 Walter Chell invented the now iconic Caesar cocktail to celebrate the grand opening of a new Italian restaurant in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Over the years the Caesar cocktail has become a piece of our Canadian identity with over 400 million Caesars drank every year.

In those years, numerous small businesses have been built with the Caesar cocktail in mind. It was time to put them all under one roof, and the home of the Caesar was just the place that home needed to be.

The Caesar Shop is a place to hear the story of the Caesar cocktail, pick up the ingredients to dazzle your friends with your best Caesar creation, and attend tasting events. It is the meeting place for neighbourhood Caesar tours, a place to show off to all our visitors, and an experience for all who enter.

Tori Yakatori and Bar

The Sizzling Skewers Experience

Step into our inviting yakitori bar and be greeted by a warm and lively ambiance. Our skilled chefs, are dedicated to bringing you an unforgettable dining experience. From the moment you enter, sizzling skewers will awaken your senses, setting the stage for a delightful culinary adventure.

Serenity Now Wellness

At Serenity Now Wellness, we are pleased to offer a wide range of mind and body services to help nurture and enrich your life. Combining our professional expertise in both mind and body therapies, we are committed to enabling individuals to better understand and appreciate the interconnectedness of the two, to help with both short and long-term healing.


For Lasting Ways of Life
At Kotn, we’re changing how things are created and consumed—crafting pieces only from the finest natural fibres, in ways that honour the people who make them and the places they’re made.
We built Kotn from the ground up, working hand-in-hand with smallholder cotton farmers and every step of our supply chain to ensure the highest quality of life for those who create our pieces and the highest quality product for you. Now a Certified B Corp voted Best for the World, a portion of every order helps provide accessible education for our farmers’ children.
18 schools funded
2,390 farms partnered
107,888 lives impacted

Mumbai Bites


Mumbai Bites – Progressive Indian Cuisine


Mumbai Bites – Progressive Indian Cuisine

Indo Chinese Cuisine (specific to Mumbai taste) and Traditional food from India in the heart of Inglewood.

Mumbai Bites started with a food truck in 2019 with the vision of introducing the street food from Mumbai to the streets of Calgary. We were lucky  to get an amazing response and that motivated us with another venture of Mumbai Bites Take Out Kitchen. We opened this Brick and Motor location in 2019 in NE and moved to SE in December 2020. This is when we expanded our menu and started serving- Street food, Indo Chinese Cuisine (specific to Mumbai taste) and Traditional food from India.

Me and My two Partners have been working in this industry from last 10-15 years and we always had a vision of providing Great food but also with an impactful atmosphere and service. With this vision we started looking for a full service dine in location and landed in a beautiful community of Inglewood and Ramsay. The Mission for Mumbai Bites- Progressive Indian Cuisine is to ensure we provide Great food, Impeccable Service in an respectable and inclusive Environment.