The Inglewood BIA’s first Strategic Planning process took place in 2015, over three sessions. Many of the objectives were accomplished, while other goals were long term and higher level (such as redesigning intersections). This time, the board wanted to address the amorphic qualities of the business area, and the flexibility required by fluid economic times, major construction disruption, and densification.

The 2019 Strategic Planning Session was directed by Bob Chartier, who combined his 40 years of experience in strategic planning with his love of Inglewood and support of local businesses (through volunteer work with Music Mile). The goal was to avoid a “get ‘er done” jargon-filled plan that was about compliance, and instead create a plan based on ‘raw intelligence’ and delivered through grass-roots engagement. Using the Open Space concept, and employing the statement: “In order to ‘move the bar’ forward in the Inglewood BIA in the next 3 years we need a conversation about…” the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan was formed.

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