Shades of Sleep

Once there was a little girl that loved to shop and dreamed of the finer things in life. When she grew up, she worked hard and realized the value and longevity of quality merchandise. She also realized how important it was to have a good night’s sleep. It also became apparent that sumptuous well-made sleepwear was an elusive find. She searched far and wide and found various lines of sleepwear that made her look, feel and sleep like a princess.

When travelling and staying in finer hotels, she noticed a marked difference in the bedding at the hotels compared to the sheets she used at home. Being curious by nature, she learned the bedding was made from 100% Egyptian cotton. She discovered that there are some wonderful cotton mills in Italy and the cotton they produce is soft and well made. Wanting to support Canadian companies as much as she could, she found several Canadian companies that made their bedding from this cotton produced in Italy. She also found that some of these Canadian companies also made soft down duvets and pillows and others made wool or silk duvets and pillows.

She also discovered plush Egyptian cotton towels made in Portugal and various rich, creamy lotions and soaps made in Italy and France. After attending several markets across Canada, she also discovered all of the wonderful Canadian artisans that produced bath products, herbal teas that helped you sleep and many unique gift ideas.

After watching an episode of Oprah about following your passion, she knew what she had to do. She must open a boutique that carried all the luxurious necessities she had discovered!!!

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