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The Eden

Family owned & operated ‘blue collar’ bistro in the heart of Inglewood. A hot spot offering bistro classics & clever cocktails in a narrow, bi-level space with a tin ceiling.

Pedal Pub

Gather & Go! Our two-hour tours are a uniquely fun way to experience Calgary, while stopping at the best – or your favorite – breweries, bars, and restaurants.

As the leading national brand providing pilot-driven pedal tours, Pedal Pub offers all this and more.

The Experience

  • Each bike holds up to 16 people!
  • Enjoy two hours of lively local entertainment each tour
  • Visit 2-3 local establishments during your tour
  • Gather & Go!

Monki Bistro

Monki was born in 2012 with a singular mission to help fellow Calgarians start their day off with a smile and a little deliciousness. For 5+ years, our passionate Monkis have embraced Calgary’s vibrant breakfast movement by bringing some fun, freshness and innovative twists to local breakfast classics. Our Mantra: Do brunch differently!

Our Monki squad have a passion for food that is incredibly contagious (in a good way). From eggs benedict to breakfast perogies to pancakes, we pride ourselves on sourcing incredible ingredients from like-minded local, artisanal producers. We serve this in an atmosphere that is eclectic & casual and sprinkled with a generous dose of friendliness & love.

We invite you to come join us, brunch it up and dance to music!

Bea’s Inglewood Cafe

Bea’s is a neighbourhood restaurant with a comfort food attitude. Offering a menu inspired by nostalgic, approachable food, each dish – while celebrating a moment in time – has been created to embrace a modern and fresh approach to eating.  Nestled inside Bite – Grocer, Bea’s finds her home in Calgary’s urban East Side of Inglewood.


Join in everyday before 10am for the Early Bird Special!

The Potion Room

A Magical Place for Wizards, Witches, & Muggles Alike to Meet and Celebrate Life While Sipping Fine Handcrafted Potions and Elixirs Like No Other!!!

Blackfoot Truckstop Diner

In memory of Edna Taylor…

Edna Taylor opened the truckstop/diner in 1956 and became well known by truck drivers from across North America including most of the local folks in the Calgary area too. Edna Was a REAL community worker, doing a myriad of good deeds in Inglewood, Calgary. Edna passed away in the Foothills Hospital after suffering from severe heart complications on July 25th, 2011, aged 78. She truly was a diner icon, her legacy will live on and will be remembered as someone who used her business to help others

What we do

Whatever you choose, from the daily special, omelettes or pancakes to the basic steak-and-eggs, it will be filling, fantastic and cheap. Perhaps the best bit about Blackfoot is the staff: Ladies in their pink outfits, who are all utterly sweet, somehow keeping a genuine smile as they rush about keeping coffee cups full, making meal recommendations and doling out colouring books to kids. Blackfoot Diner isn’t just about great breakfast — served 24 hours a day — it is also a great place for a good old-fashioned three-course dinner (specials come with dessert). There’s a tacky toy train on a track high on the wall, which children love, and plenty of homemade desserts (including delicious chocolate and banana creme pies) that will satisfy any sweet tooth.
– Nadia Moharib, Calgary Sun

Rain Dog Bar

A Rain Dog’s path has been washed clean behind them. The scent of home rinsed from the road. A Lost Dog.

Rain Dog Bar is a place for those lost dogs to gather, to share, to find their way.

Tuk Tuk Thai

Calgarians have been enjoying the deliciously complex flavours of ‘authentic’ Thai food at Sam Chanhao’s restaurant, Thai Sa-on, for over 25 years. Now it’s easy to take those flavours home. Tuk Tuk Thai builds on the most popular items from Thai Sa-on menu, offering authentic, handmade Thai food based on traditional family recipes for takeout and delivery. Sam has always wanted more Canadians to enjoy authentic Thai food and the successful launch of the first ‘fast and flavourful’ Tuk Tuk Thai takeout location on 17th Ave SW in Calgary is just the beginning. Currently we have six locations, located all around Calgary. Visit our website for locations, hours, and menus!

Ari Sushi

Introducing our Ari Sushi Chef. He has worked at South Korea Five Star JW-Marriott Japanese Restaurant’ and has 17 years of experience. We serve Japanese short grain rice to our customers and fresh wasabi to our dining customers.