Cafe Wisk

All menu items 5 NET CARBS or less! Veteran Owned


Jordan and Evan met in the Canadian Armed Forces while serving at CFB Edmonton as Medical Technicians. They became close friends in a short amount of time as they shared many of the same views and ideals of fitness and health.


As their friendship grew, they routinely challenged and encouraged each other to push their limits in their fitness, their mindsets, and their mental and physical resiliency with frequent research and experimentation. This mutually perpetuated quest for growth and improvement led to a shared passion and vision of what a true, sustainable, and enjoyable lifestyle should look like.


They quickly realized that as the popularity of low carb lifestyles grew vastly throughout YouTube, social media, popular culture, scientific and medical literature, there was still yet to be any food service establishment dedicated to this ever-growing movement.


With a specific concept and vision in mind, these two veterans decided to be the first to bring this concept to life. At the core of their endeavor, Jordan’s and Evan’s focus is to bring the most possible value to the world, and to serve their customers with a genuine and quality experience.

9 Avenue Southeast 1314b
Calgary T2G 0T3 AB CA
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Monday 11a.m.–8a.m. Tuesday 11a.m.–8p.m. Wednesday 11a.m.–8p.m. Thursday 11a.m.–8p.m. Friday 11a.m.–8p.m. Saturday 11a.m.–8p.m. Sunday 11a.m.–8p.m.