Bicycle Parking:

There are bike racks throughout Inglewood’s Main Street and side streets. The BIA encourages bike parking to be located conveniently in front of businesses. Inglewood loves cyclists and recognizes that cyclists support Inglewood businesses. If you see a location that needs bike parking, contact Bo Jiang at let them cycle team know that this is important to you as a customer and client in Inglewood businesses.

Vehicle Parking:

Given its proximity to downtown, multiple businesses and amenities, Inglewood is still a surprisingly easy place to find parking. There is on street parking available throughout Inglewood’s Main Street and adjacent streets. The entire 1400 block of 9 th Avenue is free parking. A number of side streets have 2 hour parking available, some paid, some free. Residents and businesses ask that visitors respect the 2hour parking limitation. Short term parking is good for business! Two hour free parking is not meant for downtown commuters who park and ride or walk. Many businesses have 2 or more spaces for visitor parking. There is a free parking area off 12Street just before the Zoo Bridge. Some of this parking is reserved for Rouge customers, but the rest is free. This parking lot has the best view in Calgary as it overlooks the beautiful Bow River.

The Atlantic Arts Block plenty of underground parking, some 1 hour free parking surface parking available as well $3 parking on the weekend. Click HERE for details

For Calgary Parking Authority information on parking in Inglewood:

During peak hours on the weekdays parking is removed on the south side and north side of 9 th Avenue for the bus only lanes. This sucks and the City should rethink the impact it has on small business.

Permit Only Parking:

On 8 th Avenue, west of 12 Street (there is also 2 hour parking on this block so it is mixed)

On 10 th Avenue East of 13 Street