The BIA Board consists of elected volunteer members. Meetings are held monthly at the BIA office.


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  • A BIA (Business Improvement Area) is established by businesses in an area to jointly raise and administer funds to improve and promote their businesses.
  • BIAs act as economic incubators – providing a robust environment for businesses to thrive; and also act as social conveners – creating a sense of place and community for Calgarians and visitors alike[/read]


  • The mandate of BIAs is to improve, beautify and maintain property in the zone and promote the zone as a business or shopping area.
  • BIAs are economic incubators and social innovators[/read]

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  • BIAs are governed by the Municipal Government Act (MGA) and the bylaw AR 377/94.
  • Most BIAs operate under an Executive Director and other staff who takes direction from the elected Board of Directors, Support resources come in the form of contractors, summer students and volunteers.[/read]

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  • BIAs are financed through a BIA levy (established by the BOD of each BIA), collected by The City of Calgary, and distributed to each of the BIAs. BIAs also have the ability to apply for grants[/read]

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  • The mission of the BRZ is to promote and enhance existing businesses in harmony with the residential community, encouraging new business opportunities while maintaining the unique cultural and historical character of Inglewood’s main street area as a valued resource for all Calgarians and visitors.[/read]