Northern Reflections Augmented Reality Art Walk: Inglewood + East Village (guided walking tour Jan 29th at 1pm)

Inglewood and East Village showcase business windows through Augmented Reality; the Art Walk includes a combination of mural, animation and music, viewed with the Augle App.

Augmented Reality (AR) adds graphics, sounds, touch and feedback into what we already see in front of us, through a device like an app on your phone. AR uses an existing display and overlays virtual information on top of it. You’ve probably already encountered AR without even realizing it – think Snapchat filters and Pokémon GO. Unlike Virtual Reality (VR) which transports you to a different world, AR transforms your own personal reality and perspective. The AR application, Augle, is available for download in the App Store and Google Play.

For the second year, Inglewood showcases business windows though a combination of mural, animation and music, viewed with the Augle App. The Art Walk takes place over Chinook Blast, from January 21st to February 28th, 2022, and this year includes East Village. Northern Reflection Augmented Reality Art Walk is a free, outdoors, immersive art experience for everyone to enjoy. Check out @inglewoodyyc as the tour rolls out.

Take the Art Walk to unlock a voting token worth $6 that goes directly to your favourite artist team. Once you’ve toured at least 12 windows you earn a voting token worth $6. That token is yours to give to the artist team of your choice. Up to 330 votes available.

This year’s windows in partnership with Inglewood BIA, and Calgary Municipal Land Corporation, presented by MAUD Collective and Chinook Blast. There are a total of 47 artists featured this year across 16 different murals.

Sneak Peak 

  • Sneak Peak runs from the January 21st to January 28th. The murals will be active during this time for anyone interested in early touring.

Guided Walking Tour 

  • Artists in attendance
  • January 29, 2022 at 1:00pm
  • Start at Sidewalk Citizen on the North Side of the building 618 Confluence Way SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0G1
  • Last location is Shoe Closet in Inglewood

More information on the Maud Collective website

To speak with a participating artist or business, please contact: Katie Pearce,

Artist/Window List:

Sidewalk Citizen 

Mural title: Luminous Laughter


P: Sarah Slaughter      IG: @SarahSlaughterArt • Website • FB: SarahSlaughterArt

A: Mackenzie Bedford            IG: @mackenziebedford

M: Melody Stang



Mural Title: Springtime in Italy


P: Sarah Johnston IG@blk.dress.1313

A: Anthony Janicki 

M:Daniel Pelton


Shades of Sleep 

Mural Title: Beyond the Clouds


P: Yiting Hui

A: Barbara Peters

M: James Watson


Highline Brewery 

Mural Title: Little Guys


P: Mantis Mei

A: Nicole Anne Santangelo

M: Robin Pradhan (Mabel, compsigh)


Studio Bell

Mural Title: Music Melts the Ice


P:Claudia Weigelsberger @weigelsberger

A:Claudia Weigelsberger

M: Howard Chapman


Hose and Hound

Mural Title: The Ghost Monkey


P: Doro Buch IG

A: Aylssa Koski @Alyssa_Koski_Art

M: BLVD NOIR @blvd_noir


King Eddy

Mural Title: Home of the Blues


P: Adrianne Williams @adrianne_c_williams

A: Evelyn Delgado @evvie_lightpirate ,

M: bracing, @bracing_lightpirate,


Shoe Closet 

Mural Title: Right Place Wrong Time


P: Mayb Instagram  Mayb_Art

A: Shaena E Trotman 

M: Thomas Thomas


Luna Blue Window

Mural Title: There sure are lots of bridges here.


P: Autumn Rogers insta – _probablyautumn

A: Brian ‘Bunny’ Batista@brianbunnybatista

M: Heather


8 Cakes

Mural Title: Sprinkled With Joy


P:Jessica Semenoff

A: Uii Savage @ai_fetish

M:Leif Olson (lokey)


Soleil Bistro and Bar

Mural Title: Juntos Bajo Los Rayos


P: Mckenna Prather Instagram: mckenna_prather_

A: Gene Cabarroguis

M: Jay Corey @jaycoreyfox


Good Earth East Village

Mural Title: Do tigers love coffee?


P: Lusine Manukyan

A: Reuben Scott Instagram:

M: I am the Mountain @iamthemountainmusic


Alt and Nupo Hotel

Mural Title: Fox & Fish


P: Tiffany Wollman instagram: tiffanywollman instagram:sunandmoondreamshop

A: Matthew Senn Instagram:

M: Benjamin


1216 Door 

Mural Title: Inglewood Map


P: Larissa Schuler

@schux_ (insta and tiktok)

A: Jarett Sitter instagram – @deepcuts

M: Natural Twenty


Circa Vintage Arts 

Mural Title: Fluid


P: Tiffany Cuffley

A: Matt Coffey

M: Mark Cruz (fatrok)


Brewers Apprentice  

Mural Title: Hoppy Holidays


P: Kiah Kane

A: Laura Anzola Instagram: @iridescent_whale

M: Matt Blais @mattblaismusic


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